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Wireless Identification and Sensing Systems (WISE)

Group Leader: Professor Leena Ukkonen


About Us

Wireless Identification and Sensing Systems Research Group (WISE Group) concentrates on:

  • wireless biomedical sensors and wireless health technologies
  • implantable and body-centric antennas
  • wireless data and power transfer in biomedical sensing systems
  • novel antenna and sensor materials and their manufacturing methods.

Research interests and expertise

Key members of the research group are Prof. Leena Ukkonen, Prof. Lauri Sydänheimo, Academy Research Fellow Toni Björninen and Academy Research Fellow Johanna Virkki. The key members have long-term expertise and research competence in:

  • wireless power transfer
  • antenna techniques
  • computational electromagnetics
  • materials engineering and reliability.


In its previous work, the group has achieved mm-size implantable antennas and wireless power transfer methods for wireless brain machine interfaces and other brain implantable systems, such as wireless intracranial pressure monitoring, and textile-integrated antennas and sensors for body-centric wireless systems.

Major Publications

  1. Moradi E, Amendola S, Björninen T, Sydänheimo L, Carmena JM, Rabaey JM, Ukkonen L. Backscattering neural tags for wireless brain-machine interface systems. 2015. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation. 63, 2, pp. 719-726.
  2. Khan MWA, Sydänheimo LT, Ukkonen AL, Björninen TM. Inductively Powered Pressure Sensing System Integrating a Far-Field Data Transmitter for Monitoring of Intracranial Pressure. 2017. IEEE Sensors Journal, Accepted, published Online First.
  3. Ginestet G, Brechet N, Torres J, Moradi E, Ukkonen L, Björninen T, Virkki J. Embroidered Antenna-Microchip Interconnections and Contour Antennas in Passive UHF RFID Textile Tags. 2015. IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters.
  4. Koski K, Sydänheimo L, Rahmat-Samii Y, Ukkonen L. Fundamental Characteristics of Electro-Textiles in Wearable UHF RFID Patch Antennas for Body Centric Sensing Systems. 2014. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation vol. 62, num. 12, 6454-6462
  5. Akbari M, Virkki J, Sydänheimo L, Ukkonen L. Toward Graphene-Based Passive UHF RFID Textile Tags: A Reliability Study. 2016. IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability, 16, 3, pp. 429-431.
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