BioMediTech Research Groups

Bioinspired Materials and Robotics

Group Leader: Assistant Professor Veikko Sariola


About Us

Bioinspired Materials and Robotics (BMR) group develops new bioinspired materials with applications in biomedical robotics. The group has expertise in soft materials, soft robotics, microfabrication, micromanipulation and -assembly, and surface phenomena, including adhesion and wetting.


  • XTPLus texture analyzer (Stable microsystems): Force-distance & adhesion measurements
  • Clean room & elastomer microfabrication facilities at TUT

Collaboration offer and requests

What we can offer:

  • Characterization of adhesive materials
  • Rapid prototyping of soft devices
  • Microfabrication

We are looking for collaborations with experts in:

  • Biotic materials, especially protein-based materials
  • Printable electronics
  • Soft materials e.g. hydrogels

Major Publications

  1. Zhou Q, Sariola V, Latifi K, Liimatainen V. Controlling the motion of multiple objects on a Chladni plate. Nat. Commun., 2016, vol. 7, article number: 12764.
  2. Sariola V, Pena-Francesch A, Jung H, Çetinkaya M, Pacheco C, Sitti M, Demirel MC. Segmented molecular design of self-healing proteinaceous materials. Sci. Rep., article number: 13482, 2015.
  3. Liimatainen V, Sariola V, Zhou Q. Controlling liquid spreading using microfabricated undercut edges. Adv. Mat. vol. 25, no. 16, pp. 2275-2278, 2013.
  4. Sariola V, Sitti M. Mechanically Switchable Elastomeric Microfibrillar Adhesive Surfaces for Transfer Printing. Adv. Mat. Interfaces. vol. 1, no. 4, 2014.
  5. Sariola V, Jääskeläinen M, Zhou Q. Hybrid microassembly combining robotics and water droplet self-alignment. IEEE Trans. Rob., vol. 26, no.6, pp. 965-977, 2010.
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