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Bioceramics, -glasses and -composites

Group Leader: Associate Professor Jonathan Massera


About Us

The focus of the research group is to understand the structure/properties relationship of glasses and glass-ceramics to develop materials meeting specific biomedical applications. Glass and glass-ceramics are produced as thin films, frits, bulk, fibers or scaffolds depending on the foreseen application. Cell behavior in response to therapeutic ion release is of particular interest within the research group.

Research interests and expertise

The main interests are:

  • Development and characterization of new materials, demonstrating therapeutic ion release
  • Processing of composites for hard and soft tissue regeneration
  • Association of optical and bioactive properties for detection and imaging
  • Impact of ions and ions concentration on various cell lines behavior


The laboratory is located within Tampere University of Technology premises, in Sähkötalo. The laboratory includes a processing lab (melting and annealing furnaces as well as extruder for the processing of composites). A characterization laboratory to perform in vitro dissolution tests (pH-, shakers, incubators), crystallization studies (SDTA), ion concentration analysis in solution (ICP-OES), mechanical tester and a 3D printer (list not exhaustive).

Major Publications

  1. Erasmus E, Johnson OT, Sigalas I, Massera J. Effects of sintering temperature on crystallization and fabrication of porous bioactive glass scaffolds for bone regeneration. Scientific Report, Accepted, 2017.
  2. Cui S, Massera J, Lastusaari M, Hupa L, Petit L. Novel oxyfluorophosphate glasses and glass-ceramics. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 445-446 (2016) 40-44.
  3. Massera J, et al. Processing and characterization of novel borophosphate glasses and fibers for medical applications. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 425 (2015) 52-60.
  4. Massera J, et al. Phosphate-based glass fiber vs. bulk in vitro bioactivity in SBF and TRIS: Change in fiber optical response to probe in vitro glass reaction. Materials Science and Engineering C, 37 (2014) 251-257.
  5. Massera J, et al. Crystallization behavior of the commercial bioactive glasses 45S5 and S53P4. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 95 (2012) 607-613.
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