BioMediTech is a unique research environment and infrastructure to innovatively combine engineering, medicine and biology for the benefit of the science, society and patients.


Diverse Research Fields

BioMediTech research activities cover diverse fields from basic cell and molecular biology to applied medical engineering, including biomaterials, stem cells, cancer, immunology, biosensors, imaging, and computational methods, with a common aim of developing personalized medicine via new diagnostic and treatment methods.

The research in BioMediTech has been internationally high-level and recognised in many fields, such as genetic alterations in prostate cancer, gene-therapy to mitochondrial disorders, bioabsorbable implants such as screws and plates for bone fixation and jaw bone derived from patients’ own fat tissue.

The research is funded by national and international agencies and foundations, such as the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES), Academy of Finland, the Council of Tampere Region, the European Union and its frontier-sciences arm, the European Research Council.

Three Centres of Excellence

The Academy of Finland’s Centres of Excellence (CoE) are the flagships of the Finnish research. BioMediTech coordinates two of them: FinMIT (2014-2019) in research on mitochondrial disease and ageing, and Center of Excellence in Body-on-Chip Research (2018-2025). BioMediTech is also participating Centre of Excellence in Tumour Genetics Research (2018-2025) coordinated by the University of Helsinki.

Research Areas and Groups

Research at BioMediTech can be devided into 7 research areas which contain altogether 35 research groups. The research areas are:

  • Biotechnology
  • Cancer
  • Cell and Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials
  • Imaging and Computational Biosystems
  • Mitochondria
  • Molecular Immunology
  • Sensors, Measurements and Stimulation

Each research group has its own subpage providing more detailed information. You will find all groups listed both by group leaders and research areas on Research Groups page.

Interested in joining BioMediTech?

BioMediTech welcomes applications from new, high-class research groups conducting research in the area within its scope. To apply, please follow the application instructions and fill in the application form.

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