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HeAT – Health and Assistive Technology

HeAT laboratory is an environment for measuring human physiological signals and 3D motion, suitable for teaching, research and co-creation.


HeAT Laboratory is an environment for the study and development of health and assistive technology and services. HeAT provides a wide set of research-quality equipment especially for measuring human physiological signals and 3D motion. Home-like environment and monitoring room enable also usability studies or simulation of home monitoring or remote care. Equipment can also be utilized outside the lab for mobile measurement setups.

Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences have joined their forces to build this multidisciplinary environment for education, research and co-creation. Lab is located in TAMK building at Kuntokatu 4, room P2-04 (2nd floor).

RESEARCH: HeAT Lab enables the simultaneous monitoring of several physiological signals. Versatile measurement setups can be adapted to fit your particular research problem. Measurements can also be conducted outside the lab.

EDUCATION: Lab is very suitable for group projects, where students can practice setting up and conducting physiological signal and 3D motion measurements and processing and analyzing the results. You can also set up demonstrations for the students, either for a larger group or multiple smaller groups at a time. Lab is located in Kauppi and provides a great place for multidisciplinary teaching, where engineering, medicine, nursing and wellbeing technology students can work together and learn from each other.

COMPANIES: We welcome companies to use the lab or collaborate with our experts on health technology ranging from physiological measurements, signal analysis, computational modelling,  and with health care professionals. Companies can use HeAT for developing new product ideas, testing and validating of new products and conducting usability studies.  The lab location in Kauppi enables fluent collaboration with TUT, TAMK and UTA researchers, health care professionals and consumers.


All the users of the HeAT Laboratory services are obligated to acknowledge the facility in publications:

“The authors acknowledge the Tampere HeAT Laboratory for their service.”

Equipment for research and validation

Biopac MP160 Modular Research System

  • Enables measuring multiple physiological signals simultaneously.
  • Includes 7 independ modules for different kinds of wireless measurements:
    • 2 x BioNomadix EEG (2 x 3 channels)
    • 1 x BioNomadix NICO (Cardiac output)
    • 1 x BioNomadix EMG (2 x 3 channels)
    • 1 x BioNomadix EOG (2 x 3 channels)
    • 1 x BioNomadix RSPEC (RSP measure, ECG 3 channels)
    • 1 x BioNomadix PPGED (PPG measure, EDA 2 channel)
  • SpO2 and PPG module (wired signal).
  • Wired signal input module.
  • 2 data loggers with battery allows measurements outside the laboratory. (max. 24h) The logger can receive the data simultaneously from 3 transmitters.
  • A sport wear T-shirt with places for transmitters.

Biopac MP36 BSLULTW Student Lab Ultimate Systems

  • Equipment for educational use.
  • Guided lessons introduces users to physiological signals from body
  • There is 2 central devices with following communications:
    • 4 inputs for measuring equipment
    • Electrode impedance testing
    • Output for stimulator
  • Measurable signals:
    • ECG, EEG, EDA, PPG, EMG, EOG, Spirometry, compression force, Blood pressure, Heart sounds
  • Accessories:
    • Stethoscope with analogic output (2 pieces), headphones (2 pieces), stimulator

Nox A1 portable sleep analysis laboratory

  • Versatile polysomnography device (PSG) for ambulatory surveys. The high quality clinical device fulfils the standards of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)
  • The device can monitor simultaneously the following signals:
    • EEG/EOG with 10 monopolar signals
    • EMG from jaw muscle
    • 2 bipolar channels for EMG:n measurements
    • Voice recording (built-in microphone)
    • Respiratory flow (termistor/pressure measurement)
    • Respiratory movements (chest and abdominal, with RIP(respiratory inductive
      plethysmography) -technology)
    • Oxygen saturation (with Bluetooth -technology)
    • Hearth rate frequency
    • Sleeping position
    • 1 GP(general purpose) -channel etc. For connecting termistor or Emfit-mattress.
  • The ambulatory measurement can be taken continuosly 12hours. Device contains built-in 1 GB memory.

Modular signal measurements: Byteflies system for research purposes

  • Enables a parallel measuring of five physiological signals.
  • Equipment contains:
    • Byteflies Composer application for initialization, acquiring data and realtime signal observing.
    • 5 pieces of sensor dot: each measures a physiological signal.
    • Includes a ECG/RESP sensor and disposable PPG (pulse oximeter) and IMU (muscle activation) sensors.
    • Computer connected charger dock detecs the sensors wirelessly and downloads sensor data automatically (raw data in CSV format).
    • Wireless connection enables realtime signal observing with computer and Composer application.

SphygmoCore Systems

  • Central arterial pressure waveform analysis and pulse wave velocity measurement

Other measurement devices

  • 7 x hookie AM 20: Portable acceleration sensor for research purposes
  • ActiGraph wGT3X: Wristband measures acceleration and light, for research purposes

Commercial-oriented Equipment and other facilities

Measuring heart

3 x Bittium Faros

  • ECG, acceleration (x, y, z), RR-interval
  • Includes eMotion Faros Manager application for initializing
  • Raw data is available from device

3 x Firstbeat Bodyguard 2

  • RR-interval, acceleration (x, y, z)
  • HRV and well-being online analysis with license is possible (agreed separately)
  • Raw data is available with Firstbeat Uploader application

Vitalsignum Beat2Phone

  • ECG, acceleration (x, y, z), RR-interval, pulse, ortostatic test
  • A raw data is available
  • Realtime signal display with versatile analysing possibilities with android application
  • Versatile sport tracking measurements

emWave2 + application

  • Heart rate and RR interval (from finger or ear), breathing
  • Backed for relaxation and calming, for example after a working day. The program provides personal development monitoring.

Pulse measurement

  • Polar H10 heart rate strap: bluetooth, ANT+ compatible, can be used with a free phone application
  • Garmin Premium heart rate monitor: ANT+ Compatible, Optimal Use with Garmin Devices

Measuring wellness

2 x Moodmetric ring

  • The smart ring measures the stress level through the skin’s electrical conductivity.
  • Real-time measurement results can be monitored from the smartphone display with a free moodmetric application.
  • The mobile application also includes long-term stress tracking and diary.

2 x Oura ring

  • The smart ring measures sleep phases, heart rate, heart rate variability, 3D motion and body temperature.
  • The ring and the app will help you update your daily rhythm.

Measuring sleep

5 x Beddit sleep monitor & wellness coach

  • Measures heart rate, respiratory rate, night tones, ambient temperature and humidity
  • Require an app that works only in Apple device. (one device in the laboratory)

Emfit QS Smart bed system

  • Ballistocardiography-based sleep analysis system
  • Sleep classification, HRV, heart rate, breathing rate, movement activity
  • Mobile network modified: data directly to cloud from device

Measuring activity

  • Movesense motion and ECG sensor
  • Runteq Zoi: electronic running coach, measures pitch density, ground contact, motion, step jumping and braking. Versatile analysis with mobile app
  • Nike + ipod sensor: Pedometer (requires Apple device)
  • Omron walking style 3: Pedometer
  • Fitbit Flex: Activity bracelet measures steps, activity time, and sleep


  • Monark 928 E Ergometer/excercise bike
  • Down electronic ergo_run treadmill with gradient adjustment and ANT+ compatibility.

Other equipment

  • Thera Trainer e-go rehabilitation device to assist mobility
  • Laboratory computer and screens, several softwares for analysing. A big screen allows, for example, realtime signal observing from biopac devices
  • 2 pieces samsung A5 cell phones for using phone apps
  • Voice recorder, stereo
  • Omron body composition measuring scale
  • 2 pieces of Polar Pro breast bands for sensors
  • Polar Active: a sportwatch
  • Nokia Body Cardio: A smart scale measures pulse and body composition. Wifi and bluetooth connections, operating also in Nokia Health Mate application
  • Nokia BPM+ A wireless blood pressure monitor, operating in Nokia Health Mate application
  • Withings Blood pressure monitor: Wired, Only for  Apple devices


  • AcqKnowledge 5.0 For Biopac MP160 signal analysis and visualization as well as real-time signal monitoring of Biopac transmitters. Enables also external data handling.
  • Biopac Student Lab 4.1 gives platform for Biopac courses as well as visualizing and interpreting Biopac MP36 data. Real-time signal tracking.
  • Noxturnal software with Nox sleep laboratory data analysis and visualization.
  • Kubios for Heart signal data analysis with versatile features.
  • Matlab 2018 for data processing, programming etc.
  • Device-specific softwares

Donation from GE Healthcare (Only for education and demonstrations)

  • GE Carescape B450 patient monitor
  • GE S/5 Aespire 7100 anesthesia work station

Other facilities

  • Observation room for usability studies
  • Meeting facilities with TV screen


Research groups from the Tampere University and the Tampere University of Applied Sciences can utilize the laboratory for teaching and research purposes based on reservation. All persons aiming to utilize the laboratory need to have the necessary skills to use the equipment. Lab training is provided on demand.

Health and wellness technology companies can also utilize the laboratory for research and R&D purposes, either independently or in collaboration with university researchers. Prices are either per day (including lab engineer support) or agreed on project basis.



Milla Jauhiainen
Tampere University of Technology


Lea Saarni
Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Head of Laboratory:

Professor Jari Hyttinen
Tampere University of Technology

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