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Fragment Analyzer

The facility offers capillary electrophoresis instrument and materials for quantification and qualification of wide range of nucleic acids. The instrument is available to all research groups at BioMediTech and also collaborators outside the University of Tampere.


Fragment Analyzer is used as an automated system for the quantification and qualification of NGS libraries, gDNA and RNA. The facility provides the instrument and all reagents and materials required for performing an experiment. Customers prepare their samples and the instrument and perform the experiment(s) themselves.

We provide training for new users. Please contact persons responsible before using the instrument for the first time. For more information, please read the protocols:

Read more about the instrument from the manufacturer’s website:

Booking system

Booking system for the instrument:
(Fragment Analyzer).

All information about the run is also written down to the logfile next to the instrument.


All the users of the Fragment Analyzer facility services are obligated to acknowledge the facility in publications:

“The authors acknowledge the Tampere Fragment Analyzer facility for their service.”


Price per each run derives from actual operating costs (reagents, consumables and instrument service) divided by number of runs in the facility. Please inquire!

Persons responsible

Riina Kylätie
Tel: +358 50 318 2169

Heini Kallio, PhD
Tel: +358 50 318 5809

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