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Cancer Genomics Facility

The facility gives support in cancer genomics by providing circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) analyses. The services offered by the facility are mainly based on NGS panels but also ddPCR-based services are available upon request. We welcome you to discuss your ctDNA analysis needs with us already when you are planning the experiments.


Cancer Genomics Facility provides expert support in circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) analysis needs. The NGS service includes the following:

  • design of custom cancer diagnostics panel or utilization of existing NGS panels that include genes frequently mutated in prostate, bladder, colorectal, breast and ovarian cancer
  • construction of the sequencing libraries and recommendations of sequence service providers
  • analysis of the sequencing results.

ddPCR offering consists of Bio-Rad’s wetlab validated assays for mutation detection and copy number determination without a possibility to customize the assay.


For a typical NGS project, service cost for Biocenter Finland members is 2000 EUR, please enquire for details.


Head of the facility:

Heini Kallio, Ph.D.

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