New Implant Technology for Measuring Intracranial Pressure

Wireless sensors implanted inside the human body can enable more efficient examination and treatment of illnesses in the future. One solution currently under development is a wireless system for long-term monitoring of intracranial pressure.

BioMediTech, Tampere University of Technology (TUT)  has a long history in researching wireless technologies, RF technologies, and sensors in research groups such as WISE (Wireless Identification and Sensing Systems Research Group) led by Professor Leena Ukkonen. WISE research concentrates especially on health technology applications. One of the group’s latest achievements is an implant technology solution for measuring intracranial pressure (ICP).

Read more about implants for measuring intracranial pressure (ICP) on TUT website.

Teemu Ihalainen granted Academy Research Fellow position

PhD Teemu Ihalainen has been granted Academy of Finland Research Fellow position. His project “Mechanical forces in epithelia – where cell biology meets biophysics” was funded for the period of 01.09.2017 – 31.08.2022. Read more on Academy of Finland website.

Professor Kellomäki starts as the Director of BioMediTech

Professor Minna Kellomäki from Tampere University of Technology (TUT) starts as the director of BioMediTech institute from the beginning of 2017. Professor Kellomäki, who is also the Dean at the faculty of BioMedical Sciences and Engineering at TUT starting its operations in the beginning of the year 2017, has previously acted as the Vice Director of the BioMediTech institute. Professor Anne Kallioniemi from University of Tampere starts as the Vice Director of the BioMediTech institute.